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Wiki Markup
This page tells you how to add a link to a Confluence page from within another Confluence page, using the [Wiki Markup editor|Choosing Rich Text or Wiki Markup Editing as your Default]. Note that you can use the [Rich Text editor|Adding and Removing Links in the Rich Text Editor] instead. 

h2. Linking to a Confluence Page 

In Wiki Markup, links are denoted by square brackets. Whenever you place text between square brackets, Confluence recognises it as a link.

(on) You can display your own text instead of the page name: Inside the square brackets, insert the required text followed by a vertical bar and then the page name. The second example below shows this.

|| What you need to type || What you will get ||
| {nomarkup}[Confluence User Guide]
{nomarkup} | [Wikis Help Guide] |
| {nomarkup}[User Guide Home|Confluence User Guide]
{nomarkup} | [User Guide Home|Wikis Help Guide] |

In the above examples, '*Confluence User Guide*' is the name of the page you want to link to.

h2. Using an Undefined Link to Create a Page

In Confluence, you can add a link which points to a page that you intend to create later. You might also use such a link to prompt other Confluence users to create pages. This type of link is called an [undefined link|Managing Undefined Pages].

{color:#0099cc}{*}To add an undefined link for later creation of a page,*{color}
{panel: borderStyle=dashed| borderColor=#ccc| titleBGColor=#F7D6C1| bgColor= #D5EFFF}
# Add a [link|Linking to Pages Within the Same Space], specifying the name of a page which does not exist. See example below.
# Save the page which contains the undefined link. Confluence indicates undefined links by colouring them red. 
# When you (or another user) click on the link, the 'Add Page' screen appears. 
# You can then follow the steps outlined [above|#addpage] to enter the page name, add content and save the page.

Here is an example of an undefined link:
|| What you need to type || What you will get ||
| \[Link to new page\] | [Link to new page] |

{tip:Handy Hint}You can also create a link to any Confluence page by clicking '*Insert Link*' when you are editing a page. A popup screen allows you to select pages from anywhere within Confluence. Selecting a page creates a link to that page.


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