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An RSS feed is a format for delivering summaries of regularly changing web content. Subscribing to an RSS feed allows you to stay informed of the latest content from sites that you are interested in.

RSS isn't designed to be read in a regular web browser. Specialised RSS newsreader programs can check RSS files every so often, and tell you what's new on a site. Your reader may be on a website, an addon to your browser, part of your email program, or a stand-alone program.

Confluence works with RSS in two ways:

  • Confluence generates its own RSS feeds for tracking updates to content within Confluence. You will need an RSS reader which can grab the RSS feeds from Confluence and display them for you.
  • Confluence's RSS macro allows you to display the contents of RSS feeds on a Confluence page. The feeds may come from a Confluence feed generator or from external sites. In this way, Confluence can act as an RSS reader.

For a technical description of RSS, read Mark Pilgrim's "What is RSS?" article on


Subscribing to RSS Feeds within Confluence
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