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Usage with the Macro Browser


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Navigating to the Macro Browsernopaneltrue
Navigating to the Macro Browser

Once you've found the gallery macro, click 'insert' to add it to your page.


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_Gallery Macro Parametersnopaneltrue
_Gallery Macro Parameters
titleConsiderations for using the gallery macro
  • The images shown in the gallery are taken from the files attached to the Confluence page. You can also specify a different page where the attachments are located. For information about attaching images to a page, see Attaching Files to a Page.
  • The comments below the images are drawn from the comments on the attachments. For information about adding comments to attachments, see Attaching Files to a Page.
  • By default, the gallery will include all the images attached to the page. You can also exclude or include images using parameters as described below.
  • Only the following file formats are supported: gif, png, jpeg. The bmp format is not supported.
  • You can sort your images into a particular order — see details below.
  • You can specify a title for the gallery and also configure how many columns you want for the table in which your images are displayed. See below for details of the parameters to use.
  • Read the rest of this page for more information.