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titlePermission to remove a bookmark

In order to remove a bookmark, you must have 'remove page' permissions for the space in which the bookmark was saved.

You can remove a bookmark by going to either of the following spaces:

  • The space in which the bookmark was saved.
  • The space for which the bookmark was labelled (if the bookmark was labelled for a space).

(warning) When you remove a bookmark, it disappears from all spaces i.e. the space in which it was saved and any spaces for which it was labelled.

To remove a bookmark,

  1. Go to 'Browse Space' and click the 'Bookmarks' tab.
  2. The 'Space Bookmarks' screen will appear. Click one of the following tabs:
    • 'Bookmarks in <space name>' – to display all the bookmarks which have been saved in this space.
    • 'Links for <space name>' – to display all the bookmarks which have been labelled for this space.
  3. Click 'Remove' next to the bookmark title.
  4. A confirmation screen appears, showing you the number of incoming links to the bookmark page. Click 'nn incoming link(s)' to see more information about the links.
  5. Click 'OK' on the confirmation screen to remove the bookmark.

Screenshot : Deleting a bookmark

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