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This page describes the *Bookmarks Macro*. Please refer to [Working with Bookmarks] for details of how to add, view and subscribe to bookmarks.

Use the bookmarks macro to include a list of bookmarks on a Confluence page. By default, the macro will display the bookmarks saved in the current space. The bookmarks macro renders information as shown in the screenshot below.

_+Screenshot: Bookmarks Macro+_ 

!Space Attachments Directory^Confluence_3.0_Blog_Posts_Macro_Screenshot.png|border=1,bordercolor=gray!

*On this page:*

h2. Usage with the Macro Browser

{color:#0099cc}{*}To insert the bookmarks macro into a page using the Macro Browser,*{color}
{panel: borderStyle=dashed| borderColor=#ccc| titleBGColor=#F7D6C1| bgColor= #D5EFFF}
{excerpt-include:Navigating to the Macro Browser|nopanel=true}
Once you've found the bookmarks macro, click '*insert*' to add it to your page.

h2. Usage with the Wiki Markup Editor

|| What you need to type || What you will get ||
| {nomarkup}{bookmarks}{nomarkup} | !Space Attachments Directory^Confluence_3.0_Blog_Posts_Macro_Screenshot.png|border=1,bordercolor=gray! |

h2. Parameters


|| Parameter || Default || Description ||
| *Maximum Number of Bookmarks*\\ ({{max}}) | 15 | The maximum number of bookmarks to display. |
| *Search these Spaces Only*\\ ({{spaces}}) | Current space | A list of spaces to search for, separated by commas. The macro will display the bookmarks saved in these spaces. Meta space names _@all_, _@personal_, _@global_ can also be used. |
| *Label(s)*\\ ({{labels}}) | None | A list of labels to search for, separated by commas. The macro will display the bookmarks which have these labels applied. If you specify multiple labels, the bookmarks need to match only one of the labels to be included. |
| *Creator(s)*\\ ({{creators}}) | None | A list of usernames, separated by commas, specifying who created the bookmarks to be listed. |
| *Sort By*\\ ({{sort}}) | creation | Specify the sort order of the bookmarks. Valid values: '*creation*' = bookmark created date; '*creator*' = username of bookmark author; '*title*' = bookmark title. |
|*Reverse Sort*\\ ({{reverseSort}}) | false | '*true*' = reverse the sort order. |
| *Show Bookmark Creators*\\ ({{showAuthor}}) | true | Display the user who created the bookmark. |
| *Show Bookmark Creation Dates*\\ ({{showDate}}) | true | Display the date when the bookmark was created. |
| *Show Bookmark Descriptions*\\ ({{showDescription}}) | true | Display the bookmark description. |
| *Show Edit Links*\\ ({{showEditLinks}}) | true | If the current user has permission, show quick links to edit or remove the bookmark. |
| *Show Bookmark's Labels*\\ ({{showLabels}}) | true | Display the bookmark's labels. |
| *Show Bookmark List Heading*\\ ({{showListHeader}}) | true | Display heading of the bookmark list (with the RSS feed link). |
| *Show Space Where Bookmark is Saved*\\ ({{showSpace}}) | true | Display the space the bookmark is saved in. |
| *Show Link to Actual Bookmark*\\ ({{showViewLink}}) | true | Display a link to the actual bookmark page. |

h2. Examples

{color:#0099cc}{*}Specify the number of bookmarks you want displayed:*{color}

{color:#0099cc}{*}Specify the space(s) where the bookmarks are saved:*{color}
The following markup will show the bookmarks in the personal space of user 'jbloggs' and in the 'sales' space.

{color:#0099cc}{*}Specify the space(s) where the bookmarks are saved and the person who created the bookmarks:*{color}
The following markup will show the bookmarks created by user 'jbloggs' in his personal space and in the 'sales' space.

{color:#0099cc}{*}Display only the bookmark titles:*{color}
(i) We have forced the line-breaks in this example. Your code should consist of a single line.


[Working with Bookmarks]
[Working with Macros]

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