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Prerequisites for the Office Connector's document import feature:

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_Office Connector Prerequisites for Importnopaneltrue
_Office Connector Prerequisites for Import

For a full list of Office Connector prerequisites and limitations, please refer to:





The simplest way to import an Office document is to import the entire content of the document into a single wiki page.

This method will replace any existing content on the wiki page.

To import an Office document onto a single wiki page,

  1. Create a page in Confluence (see Creating a New Page) or go to an existing page whose content you want replaced.
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    Navigating to the Doc Import Optionnopaneltrue
    Navigating to the Doc Import Option
  3. Click the 'Browse' button and find the Office document on your local drive or network.
  4. Click the 'Open' or 'Upload' button provided by your browser. The path and file name of the document will now appear in the text box on the Office Connector import screen.
  5. Click the 'Next' button on the Office Connector import screen. The import document options screen will display.
  6. Enter the following for your import document options:
    • 'Root page title' — The title of the wiki page that will contain the information from your imported document.
    • Choose whether to import your document as a new wiki page or to replace and existing page, by selecting one of the following options:
      • 'Import as a new page in the current space' — A new wiki page will be created with the page title specified above.
      • 'Replace <pagename>' — The contents of the existing page will be replaced. The page will be renamed to the page title specified above.
        • 'Delete existing children of <pagename>' — This checkbox will enable if you have selected 'Replace <pagename>'. Tick this checkbox to delete the existing child pages of the page you are replacing.
    • Choose what you want the importer to do if there are page title conflicts, by selecting one of the following options:
      • 'Rename imported pages if page name already exists' — Confluence will assign new names to any new page which would otherwise have a duplicate name. The content of existing pages will remain unchanged.
      • 'Replace existing pages with imported pages of the same title' — If a page already exists in Confluence with a title equal to the new page, then the content of the Office document will overwrite the content on the existing page. Page history will be preserved.
      • 'Remove existing pages with the same title as imported pages' — Before creating the new page, Confluence will remove any existing page which has the same title. This will remove the page history as well as the content.
    • 'Split by heading' — Use this field to split your document into multiple wiki pages. If you don't want to split your document into multiple wiki pages, leave the default 'Don't split' option selected. For more information on splitting your document, please see below.
  7. Click 'Import' to import your document.
  8. When the upload has finished, the content of the Office document will have been transformed into Confluence page content. You can now view and edit this page in the normal way, using the Confluence Rich Text Editor or Wiki Markup. There is no connection between the original Office document and this wiki page.

Screenshot: Empty page ready for import

Screenshot: Selecting Office document to import

Screenshot: Importing an Office document

Screenshot: Page after import