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If you want to make use of the [View File macro|View File Macro] or to [view Office files|Displaying Office Files in Confluence] attached to a wiki page, you need the setup described below.

h5. Browsers and Flash Player

You can use any browser to view an Office file on a wiki page or attachment view, provided that you have installed [Adobe Flash Player|] version 9 or later. You do not need to have an Office desktop application installed on your computer, in order to view Office files in Confluence.

h5. File Types

To be displayed in Confluence, the file needs to be a valid Microsoft Office 97-2007-compatible or PDF file, of the following types:
* {{.doc}} and {{.docx}}
* {{.xls}} and {{.xlsx}}
* {{.ppt}} and {{.pptx}}
* {{.pdf}}

If you are using OpenOffice to create and edit the documents, you will need to save your document in Microsoft Office 97-2003 format before attaching it to a Confluence page.