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Looking for the Site Administrator's Guide?




Familiar with the Confluence



The Dashboard
Page layout Layout in view modeView Mode
Page layout Layout in edit modeEdit Mode

2.Working with Spaces

Working with spaces overviewSpaces Overview
Setting up a new spaceNew Space
Viewing all spacesSpaces
Viewing space detailsSpace Details

Editing space detailsSpace Details
Browsing a spaceSpace
Moving content Content from one space Space to anotherAnother
Deleting a space

3.Working with Pages

Working with pages overviewPages Overview
Creating a new pageNew Page
Editing an existing pageExisting Page
Deleting a pagePage
Restoring a deleted pageDeleted Page
Purging deleted pagesDeleted Pages
Commenting on a pagePage
Attaching files Files to a pagePage
Working with page familiesPage Families
Linking pagesPages
Viewing history History of a pagePage
Viewing page informationPage Information
Page level permissioningLevel Permissioning

4.Working with

page templates

Page Templates

Working with templates Templates overview
Adding a templateTemplate
Form field markup Field Markup for templatesTemplates
Creating a page Page using a templateTemplate
Editing a templateTemplate
Removing a templateTemplate

5.Confluence Notation Guide

Confluence Notation Guide overview
Working with headingsHeadings
Working with text effectsText Effects
Working with text breaksText Breaks
Working with linksLinks
Working with anchorsAnchors
Working with imagesImages
Working with listsLists
Working with tablesTables
Working with macrosMacros

6.Working with News

Working with news overviewNews Overview
Viewing newsNews
Adding newsNews
Editing News
Linking to newsNews

7.Archiving Mail

Archiving mail overviewMail Overview
Adding a mail accountMail Account
Managing mail accountsMail Accounts
Importing mailMail
Viewing mailMail
Fetching mailMail
Deleting mailMail
Restoring mailMail
Linking to mailMail

8.Working with Attachments

Working with attachments overviewAttachments Overview
Attaching files Files to a pagePage
Linking to attachmentsAttachments
Finding an attachmentAttachment
Viewing attachment detailsAttachment Details
Editing attachment detailsAattachment Details
Deleting an attachmentAttachment
Displaying list List of attachments Attachments in a pagePage


9.Working with Images

Displaying an imageImage
Image file formatsFile Formats
Thumbnail macroMacro
Gallery macroMacro

Working with links overviewLinks Overview
Linking to pages Pages within a spaceSpace
Linking to pages Pages in another spaceAnother Space
Linking to web pagesWeb Pages
Changing the title Title of a linkLink
Linking to commentsComments
Linking to newsNews
Linking to user profilesUser Profiles
Linking to mailMail
Linking to attachmentsAttachments
Working with anchorsAnchors
CamelCase linkingLinking

11.Working with User Profiles

User profile overviewProfile Overview
Viewing user profileUser Profile
Editing user profileUser Profile
Updating email addressEmail Address
Changing passwordPassword
Email address privacyAddress Privacy
Linking to user profilesUser Profiles

12.Keeping Track of Updates

Keeping track of updates overviewUpdates Overview
Working with RSS feedsFeeds
Subscribing to RSS feeds Feeds within Confluence
Subscribing to external External RSS feeds
Watching a page
Watching a space
Managing notifications

Searching Confluence

14.Exporting and Importing

Confluence to HTML
Confluence to PDF
Confluence to XML
Import pages Pages from diskDisk

15.Customising Confluence

Customising look Look and feelFeel
Working with themesThemes
Working with custom decoratorsCustom Decorators
Editing a spaceSpace's colour schemeColour Scheme
Changing a spaceSpace's logoLogo

16.Administering Spaces


Security overviewOverview
Users and groupsGroups
Space permissions overviewPermissions Overview
Viewing space permissionsSpace Permissions
Assigning space permissionsSpace Permissions
Page permissionsPermissions

18.Confluence Glossary

19.Keyboard Shortcuts