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1.Get familiar with the Confluence workspace

The Dashboard

2.Working with Spaces

Working with spaces overview
Setting up a new space
Viewing all spaces
Browsing a space
Moving content from one space to another
Deleting a space

3.Working with Pages

Working with pages overview
Creating a new page
Editing an existing page
Deleting a page
Restoring a deleted page
Purging deleted pages
Commenting on a page
Attaching files to a page
Working with page families
Linking pages
Viewing history of a page
Viewing page information
Page level permissioning

4.Working with page templates

Working with templates overview
Adding a template
Form field markup for templates
Creating a page using a template
Editing a template
Removing a template

5.Confluence Notation

Confluence Notation Guide overview
Working with headings
Working with text effects
Working with text breaks
Working with links
Working with anchors
Working with images
Working with lists
Working with tables
Working with macros

6.Working with News

Working with news overview
Viewing news
Adding news
Editing News
Linking to news
Remote Interfaces

7.Archiving Mail

Archiving mail overview
Configuring mail accounts
Importing mail
Viewing mail
Fetching mail
Deleting mail
Restoring mail
Navigating mail threads

8.Working with Attachments

Working with attachments overview
Attaching files to a page
Linking to attachments
Finding an attachment
Viewing attachment details
Editing attachment details
Deleting an attachment
Displaying list of attachments in a page


9.Working with Images

Displaying an image
Image file formats
Thumbnail macro
Gallery macro

Working with links overview
Linking to pages within a space
Linking to pages in another space
Linking to webpages
Changing the title of a link
Linking to comments
Working with anchors
CamelCase linking

11.Setting up User Profile Preferences

User profile preferences overview
Viewing user profile
Editing user profile
Changing password
Email address privacy
Linking to user profiles

12.Keeping Track of Updates

Keeping track of updates overview
Working with RSS feeds
Subscribing to RSS feeds within Confluence
Subscribing to external RSS feeds
Watching a page
Watching a space
Managing notifications

13.Searching in Confluence

14.Exporting and Importing

Confluence to HTML
Confluence to PDF
Confluence to XML

15.Customising Confluence

Customising Confluence overview
Customising look and feel
Working with themes
Working with decorator macros
Editing the a space's colour scheme
Customising the title
Customising the logo

Configuring time and date settings
Controlling trackback

16.Administering Spaces

Administering spaces overview
Space operations
Look and feel


Security overview
Viewing space permissions
Editing space permissions

18.Confluence Glossary

19.Keyboard Shortcuts