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Note about Tandon School of Engineering (SOE) Data: In 2007, the Polytechnic University became affiliated with NYU undertaking a multi-year effort to merge the two universities. Although the full merger was not complete until January 1st, 2014, system data conversion from the Polytechnic University to NYU and data tracking of the Polytechnic University’s activity began in 2012 for grant proposals, FY2013 for HR and financial information, and 2014 for student enrollment data. Though the initial conversions are complete, data cleanup efforts are ongoing in both the source systems and the data warehouse to ensure metrics and data points are displayed accurately. Due to the conversions of the NYU Tandon School of Engineering into Washington Square systems some historical data may not be accurately represented. 


Reporting Units

To accommodate NYU’s complex structure the Departmental Metrics Dashboard organizes data by School, Department and Subunit. The filters at the top of each page permit the selection of the schools, departments or sub-units to which the user has access. By default, the dashboard is limited to academic (rather than administrative) units.  User with access to multiple units may select a single unit or a group of units. 


  • Fund Code in (24,25) and BU = WSQ01
  • Fund Code in (26,27) and BU = PLT01
  • Fund Code in (72, 73) and BU = ADH01
  • Project id starts with F, G, N, R, or S
  • Project id does not start with F9
  • Exclude Anticipated Spend
  • Exclude Student Aid/Loans
    ***A description of the abbreviations used can be found via this link to the CDV Fund Dictionary.


The Departmental Metrics Dashboard has its own security structure because it synthesizes data from multiple sources into the configuration required to meet reporting needs. Access is controlled at the Departmental Metrics Department level. Anyone with access to a Subunit within a Department has access to data on all the Subunits. Consistent with University data management policy there is no access limitation on student data. Anyone with access to the Dashboard has access to all the student data included.