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A faculty member is identified as sponsored project active in an academic year if, in that academic year or any of the three prior academic years, he or she was either the principal investigator on a grant proposal submission, or the principal investigator or a co-principal investigator on an active research project. In the future submission of a grant proposal as co-principal investigator, as well as a principal investigator, will qualify a faculty member as active. The criterion was limited because pre-award data on co-principal investigators were not available from Cayuse. Clicking on a number displays a list of the faculty included.

This selection approximates the "research active" faculty category defined by the Provost’s Council on Science and Technology to comprise faculty who in the most recent three years have:

(i) published two articles, as author or co-author, in refereed journals; and/or

(ii) published a book or research monograph; and/or

(iii) served as a principal investigator, co-principal investigator or research scientist on an externally funded research grant; and/or

(iv) advised a PhD student; and/or

(v) mentored a post-doctoral fellow.

New Hires: Full Time Tenure-Track Faculty