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Search By Affiliation/Name


To search by affiliation and/or name, issue a GET request to this endpoint:

https://SERVER/v1/people?filter=roles.affiliation eq "affiliate"

https://SERVER/v1/people? sw "x"

https://SERVER/v1/people?filter=roles.affiliation eq "employee" and sw "x"

replacing AFFIL with either faculty or staff, and X with the initial letter or letters you wish to search for.


You must properly encode the URL. i.e., spaces must be sent as %20, the quotes must be sent as %22, etc. Use the appropriate function from your programming environment to perform this encoding.


It is possible to paginate the entire result set by omitting the filter parameter. However, this is not supported when the LDAP backend is in use.

The response will be one of:

  • 200 OK: Record(s) found. Response is a JSON object consisting of an attribute totalResults that indicates the total number of results found, and Resources, that is a list of matching records, each in the same form as Query For NetID, above.

  • 400 Bad Request: There was an error in your request. The response may contain a JSON object with an error attribute explaining what went wrong. Fix your request before trying again.

  • 401 Unauthorized: The provided username and password are not valid.

  • 500 Internal Server Error: There is a problem with the server. The response may contain a JSON object with an error attribute explaining what went wrong. Try again later, or report the error for further assistance.


Search results are paginated, by default returning 100 records at a time. The response metadata will indicate where in the pagination the response records are, though keep in mind result sets can change between calls. That is, there is no guarantee that records 1-100 or 101-200 will be the same sets each time. Furthermore, due to filtering of non-releasable records, the requested count of records may not be returned for each page.

Response metadata attributes are:

  • itemsPerPage: The number of records returned in the response, default 100.
  • startIndex: The index of the first result in the response, 1 based.
  • totalResults: The total number of records matching the query.

Pagination is controlled by request parameters appended to the query string. Supported request parameters are:

  • count: The number of records per page to return, may not exceed 100. Set to 0 to get a count only and no actual results.
  • startIndex: The index of the first record to return.