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  • General: Presents results for the 7 established General Course Evaluation questions
  • School-Course & Instructor: Presents response averages and response rate distributions for each school's course and instructor-specific questions. 
    Second tab, 'Other Metrics' : Presents rate distribution responses for additional course and instructor specific questions. 
  • All Comments: Displays all open-ended school, course, and instructor comments.
  • All Responses: Full listing of all responses, as filtered; all available for export.
  • Stats and Comments: Presents supplementary metrics per instructor and class, including: enrollment total; number of responses; response rate; response average; median, mode & standard deviation response rates; open-ended responses.
  • Averages and Comments: Presents supplementary metrics per instructor and class, including: enrollment total; number of responses; averages of responses for the class; open-ended responses.
  • Class/Instructor Comparison: Displays response averages of all 5-point questions, as per selected filters for: the 7 established General questions and, averages for 5-point course and instructor-specific questions. 'Subject Comparison' report (option in drop-down filter): for combined classes that have a single-sponsor subject code, report rolls up average responses for all sections' 5 point questions into the single-sponsor subject code.
    Second tab, 'Class/Instructor Comparison Combined Classes' : presents the same information as the Class/Instructor Comparison report, but also displays the Class number and NYU class of the non-sponsor class, if applicable.
  • Demo: Instructor Comparative: Demo / Work-in-progress page. Presents rolled-up response-averages for selected 5-point General questions and Instructor (or a selected group of instructors) questions – as compared to their school, department, subject and location.
  • Export: Presents all Course Evaluation data that exists in the source tables which are used to create the UDW+ Course Evaluations dashboard. Users who wish to create their own reports outside of UDW+ can export this data for additional analysis. 

12 13 prompt filters allow for the narrowing of results across all dashboard pages. Selected prompts are retained across all dashboard pages, each dashboard page is enabled with a standard set of filters: