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DeliverableItem TypeNew/EnhancementRelated ContentRelease DateTarget AudienceRelease Notes
1545RPDNewDepartmental Metrics5/5/17Departmental Metrics - User CommunityAdded Accounting Period to UDM-Projects subject area
1595DashboardFixRegistration Pipeline5/5/17Registration Pipeline dashboard usersOn the 'Weekly Enrollment vs. Goal' page of the Registration Pipeline dashboard, the drill reports for the 'Financial Clearance Status - Current vs. Prior Year' report were not working. The drill reports have been fixed.
1573DashboardFixStudent Dashboard5/5/17Student Dashboard usersFor pages: Study Away; Advisor Summary; Enrollments (located on the 'Meeting Pattern Reports' page) - the "Dashboard Tutorial" link was to be updated with the correct link.
1415 DashboardFixDepartmental Metrics5/5/17Departmental Metrics UsersFixed the All Faculty Tab - Ethnicity graph that was excluding minority groups.