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  • Cayuse Proposal Categories: Because Cayuse tracks proposals in development and a variety of modifications, not all proposals in the Cayuse system are included in the departmental metrics on proposal activity. Proposals will only be included if they have been submitted to a sponsor or if there is a submission date for the proposal. They will have a status of "submitted to sponsor," "funded," or "not funded." Cayuse proposals omitted from the metrics are:
    • Proposals with the status "unsubmitted" or "withdrawn"
    • Proposals classified as "preliminary proposal," or "letter of intent/whitepaper"
    • Proposals with zero or missing total value

    The proposals included are classified in Cayuse as new, supplement, continuation, resubmission, renewal, revision, preliminary proposal, progress report, or transfer. Cayuse proposals classified as preliminary proposal or letter of intent/whitepaper are excluded. Proposals with zero or missing total value are also excluded. Success rate metrics only include proposals with the types new, resubmission, or renewal.


  • Assigning Proposals to Departments: Proposals are assigned to departments (and other reporting units) in three ways. The dashboard shows, as a department's proposals: those administered by the department, in the left column, proposals by principal investigators in the department, in the right column, and proposals by principal investigators or co-principal investigators in the departments. The selection of proposals by PIs or by PIs and CoPIs is made at the top of the page. The investigator's department is the department of his/her primary appointment in HRIS or PeopleSync. These alternative selections are also provided for grants.
    • Example – A proposal submitted by a principal investigator in Applied Psychology through the Institute for Human Development and Social Change would be attributed in the left column – "Proposals Administered by Department" – to the Institute and in the right column – "Proposals by Department Investigators" – to the Department of Applied Psychology. A proposal administered through the Institute with a principal investigator in Sociology and a co-principal investigator in Applied Psychology would be added in the Pls and CoPls view. Principal investigators are identified by the Cayuse role lead principal investigator. CoPls have the Cayuse role principal investigator. The dashboard does not credit proposal activity to faculty with the Cayuse role investigator.
    • Note– If there are investigators in different departments, each department receives full credit for the proposal. If there is more than one investigator in a department (or other unit), the proposal is not double-counted. Where there are multiple CoPls within a department (or other unit) the proposal value is distributed equally among the CoPls in the drill-to-detail report so that the amounts listed sum to the departmental total.