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UDW+ contains many Pre-Built reports, within many Dashboards, across many Data Categories. These have been created and are maintained so that users can easily answer specific types of business questions.


UDW+ is a data warehouse. Information from a variety of source systems (Albert SIS, Workday, ServiceLink, fame, etc) are brought into UDW+ by an ETL process - Extract, Transform, and Load. This allows the data to be read by ordinary users in a format that is logical and orderly - several pre-built reports have been made and are available to users to answer common business questions.

There are many "Pre-built" reports (also referred to as canned reports, standard reports) and dashboards within every data category in UDW+. These are built, vetted, and are maintained by NYU IT and the Decision Support & Fianncial Analysis Group. They often, though not always, contain complex structures and calculations on the back-end that allows users to access the data in an easier-to-understand format/interface.

UDW+ Pre-Built Reports and Dashboards

The pre-built operational reports in UDW+ were designed to answer business questions crucial to the everyday operations of New York university across a myriad of topics, including: 

  • Administrative Metrics Reports
    • Reports that include ServiceLink, PeopleLink, StudentLink, Call and Operational Metrics
  • Course Evaluations Reports
    • Allows users access to their course evaluations results for further analysis and review
  • Departmental Metrics Reports
    • Reports on faculty & research staff achievements, proposal submissions, grants, student metrics, and external comparative metrics.

  • Financial Data Reports
    • Reports financial data that administrative staff and faculty need to keep their departments, divisions, schools, and the university running smoothly
  • HR Data Reports
    • Designed primarily for Human Resources and Fiscal Officers, containing information related to positions, compensation transparency, costing allocations, talent management, diversity, compliance, and retention. 
  • Student Data Reports
    • Information relating to student registration and demographics, faculty, courses & classes, retention, enrollment data, and classroom schedules

Training Resources

UDW+ Training resources can be found in iLearn and on the website, and of course on this Wiki. 

Training for the Senior Leadership overview reports is determined on a case-by-case basis. The training options should be discussed at the time access is granted. 

See Also

NYU IT's UDW+ Program Overview page on the website. 

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