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  1. What is a Milestone?

  2. How can I complete a milestone?

  3. Questions about Milestones

What is a Milestone?

Milestones are a feature of Albert SIS that allows you to capture the completion of non-coursework requirements.  Some examples of that may be:

  • Master's Thesis / Project Approval
  • PhD Foreign Language Proficiency
  • Master's Exam

By completing these milestones, you are able to accurately track a student's progress through their degree requirements and monitor their progress. 

While some milestones are required for a degree to be awarded, others are optional and for tracking purposes only.  Some of these include:

  • Master's Application
  • PhD Candidacy
  • PhD ABD

This guide will help you to review and complete milestones for your students. 

Do Not Add, Delete, or Overwrite Milestones!

Students who require milestones should automatically have them added to their record.  If they are not present, please reach out to for assistance.  

You should never add, delete, or overwrite milestones on your own.  This can impact the student's Academic Progress and degree eligibility.

How can I Complete a Milestone?

Step 1: Go to the Student Milestones Page

In order to review a student's milestones, you will need to go to the Student Milestones page (Main Menu > Records and Enrollment > Enroll Students > Student Milestones).  Use the search page to find the student's record. 

Step 2: Add a New Row

Use the + button near the top of the screen to add a new row.  Once you click that, you will notice that the Effective Date is automatically populated with today's date.

Step 3: Locate the Milestone

There are two options to find the milestone you need to complete.  The first is to use the arrow keys to toggle back and forth between milestones:

If you know the Milestone Code, you can also use the Find button to search for it. 

Verify that you have selected the correct milestone.

Step 4: Complete the milestone

You are now ready to complete the milestone! 

Wait to Save!

Normally, you want to save your work often.  This is not the case with milestones! You can only save the page once per day, so you will want to wait until you have entered all of your information and verified it before you click save!

First, you'll want to mark the milestone as complete in the "Attempts" portion of the page: 

Use the Date Attempted field to specify the exact date that the milestone was completed (e.g. the date an exam was passed): 

Optional: Attach Documents

If the milestone you are updating allows attachment, you will see a link titled "Manage Milestone Documents."  Click that link to upload a document.

On the Milestones Document Page, you, can click "Add" to locate and upload a document:

You can then update the Description of the document:

You can upload multiple documents by clicking the + button. Click OK to complete uploading the document.  

Optional: Update Title

In some cases, you may want to record the title of a thesis or project within the milestone.  You should use the "Milestone Title" field to do so:

You can Repeat Steps 1-4 for as many milestones as you would like to update today.

Step 5: Review and Save

Take a moment to review the milestones you have updated to verify their accuracy.  Click "Save" once you are done. 

Questions about Milestones

 I don't have access to these milestones. What do I do?

If you need access to milestones, but don't currently have it, don't worry!  Please be in contact with your Dean's Office and request that an authorized Albert account be submitted on your behalf requesting access to Graduate Milestones.

 What if I accidentally update the wrong milestone?

Contact and provide Student ID and which milestone was incorrectly updated.  We will be able to delete out the incorrect milestone completion.

 I clicked the + button too many times!

If you have not saved yet, you should be able to - out the multiple rows or hit CANCEL and do not save.  You will then be able to go back in and start from the beginning.  If you do hit save, please contact to inform them of the accidental multiple rows.

 What if I accidentally delete a milestone?

You should never be using the “-” sign in the Milestones Detail section.  If you accidentally hit this, do not save, and CANCEL.  If you hit save, please contact and we will gladly re-add the milestone.

 What if I want to add another milestone/non-course requirement? Or what if we no longer use this milestone/non-course requirement?

This would be considered a curriculum change.  Please email the change to registrar.curriculum@nyu.eduWe will then be able to remove or add the milestone for the year the requirement change has been made.

 When will the DPR be updated?

The DPR will update in approximately 24 hours.

 Is the effective date supposed to reflect when the requirement was completed? Or the date of entry in Milestones?

The effective date should be the date of entry of the Milestone, the completed date of the Milestone should be added under the date attempted near the bottom.

 Can I upload documents for a milestone at different times?

Yes, you can go in and upload a document (without completing the milestone).  This will save the document, if you need to upload another document when completing the milestone the original will still show, you simply hit the (+) to add the second document.

 Should I change the Transcript level? What is this for?

No, the transcript level should always remain as “Print on Degree Progress Report”.  This means that the student will see they completed the requirement on their degree progress report. 

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