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We are pleased to announce that the issues with editing Microsoft Office Documents after the SSO upgrade have been completely resolved.

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Feature Explanation

The Office Connector is bundled with Confluence 2.10 and later. It allows you to:

  • Use Microsoft Office or OpenOffice to edit a Confluence page.
  • Import an Office document into Confluence, converting its content to wiki format.
  • Attach an Office document to a Confluence page and display its content in Confluence, without converting the content.
  • Edit the attached document in the Office application, directly from the Confluence page.

For more information about this feature click the following: ¿¿¿Working with the Office Connector


When a client clicks the "edit document" button after embedding a document into a page or by clicking "edit document" in the attachments section of a space, the appropriate office application launches and a permissions prompt asks the user for their netid and password. Upon entering their credentials, the user is allowed to make changes to the office file within the office application and save the changes back to their wiki page. After the SSO upgrade, when entering the credentials, the user is presented with a login loop that is cancelled out after four attempts.

This incident has been tested on Windows 7/XP with Firefox, IE and Chrome.


This issue has been resolved as of September 20, 2011

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