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Avatars of story 5 - Toward an interactive narratology 

In this chapter of Avatars of story, Ryan talks about digital textuality and digital storytelling through the lens of  interactive fiction. This chapter is exceptionally interesting on it's take of different paths a interactive fiction can take and does an excellent job of showing the potential of what is now an ever growing field of digital storytelling. He describes textual architectures  which  can be seen in four different lights according to Ryan: plot as state-transition diagram; Plot as interplay of actual and virtual events, Plot as interwoven time lines, plot as travel in story worlds.He also describes them in terms of discourse as a network, vector with side branches, sea-anemone, and track switching which in class I used when designing my own hurricane narrative. He also went throw story architectures such as tree, flowchart, and maze. The remainder of the chapter he discuses various forms of interactivity and how they are used in games and other interactive narratives. 

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