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Financial Reporting was the first category of reports available in UDW+, and there are a number of pre-built financial dashboards and reports that are available to users. Each of these have a different purpose and is designed to answer different types of business questions. 

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To allow university faculty and staff access to the financial data they need to keep their departments, divisions, schools, and the university running smoothly. 

Access to UDW+ Financial Reports

Access to financial reports is actually a two-prong process.

  1. To access the UDW+ Financial Reports system, users must complete FIN 800 (in iLearn). 
    1. Completing FIN 800 will grant users the ability to log into UDW+ and navigate to the Financial Reports/Dashboards within 3 business days of completing the training. However, without permissions to see the data (see step 2), all of the prompts will be blank and you will be unable to actually run any reports. 
  2. To access the actual financial data, users must submit a Chartfield Access Authorization Request (also accessible via NYU Home)
    1. Financial data access is strictly limited to your own chartfields (the specific combinations of Fund - Org - Program - Project - Accounts that you manage or are related to your role at NYU). To ensure security, each user must submit a request to their Fiscal Officer (via the Chartfield Access Authorization Request form) to see data relating to their chartfields. If you need assistance with this form, is available to help. 

Types of questions these reports can answer

There are many financial reports and dashboards available in UDW+ and can answer questions ranging from purchasing to payroll, with grains at the summary and/or detail level. A few examples include: 

UDW+ Financial Reports List

Below find a list of dashboards and reports available to users (depending on training) within the Financial Reports area of UDW+

Training Resources

Before you are given access to the Financial Reporting area in UDW+, you have to complete FIN 800 in iLearn. As of mid-2020, this is a short introduction to the system and reports available. 

Additionally, iLearn has (will have, as of mid-2020) a number of tutorials available to help users navigate and utilize the various reports more efficiently and effectively. Topics (will) include: 

  • Budget Exceptions and 'budget checks'
  • Rolling up 'views'
  • Drilling in
  • Prompts/filters
  • and more!

See More

For more information on any single report or dashboard, you can visit its specific Wiki page (see UDW+ Financial Reports List above). 

Additionally, there are a number of PDF and website resources available: 

Financial Operations Resources & Tools (

UDW+ Training and Access (

Resource Links from FIN 800 course:

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