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Goal: Moving From Blackboard

Within this section, you will learn:

  1. Where to find transitioned content in NYU Classes;

  2. Course sites from Summer 2011 - Spring 2013 have already been moved into NYU Classes for instructors!

  3. Compare and contrast the functionality within NYU Classes to Blackboard;

  4. Older content is available upon request.

Overview: What Content Comes Over from Blackboard?

Instructor generated content from three main Blackboard content areas will be moved into NYU Classes:

    • Announcements come over in draft form.
    • Content Areas, such as folders, files, assignments, and external links are all transitioned to your NYU Classes Resources folder.
    • Test & Survey Manager questions, such as essay, fill in the blank, multiple choice, multiple answer, and matching all transition over into NYU Classes.

Module: Working with Transitioned Content

     Review this module to see how content from Blackboard transitions into NYU Classes

Video: Where Does it Go?

Training Tip #3!

Want more information? Review the NYU Classes project website which includes more information about NYU Classes and Blackboard

Additional Support

Need live support?  Contact the IT Service Desk for 24x7x365 assistance.

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