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One of the features in NYU Classes is the ability to create your own course site, without needing to type in the Course ID. In just three steps, your course site can be created and ready for use, including information from Albert!

Video Overview

If you are an instructor and do not see the “Setup Course Sites” tool in My Workspace, please check with your Albert administrator to ensure you are correctly assigned to your course. If you do not see your course, please check the course listing in Albert 

If you need additional assistance, please contact

Step by Step Instructions

1) Enter the “Setup Course Sites” tool

  • Navigate to My Workspace > Setup Course Sites to begin.
  • On the following screen, select the Academic Term from the drop down for the semester you would like to create a course site for.
  • Tip!: Want to include an additional roster in an existing course site? See this article for more information

2) Select Your Course!

  • After selecting your term, you will be presented with the courses you are teaching.
  • Each course is listed individually; the number of sections for each course are indicated in parentheses next to the course site title.
  • You may only create one course site at a time.
  • By default, cross-listed courses within Albert will automatically be created as one course site

From here, you may:

  • Create one course site with multiple sections (if applicable).

  • Create one course site for each section. Note: If you would like to create a individual site for each section of a given course, then you must go through the 'Setup Course Site' tool multiple times - once for each section
  • Tip!: Creating a course site with multiple sections will automatically create Groups

Once you have selected a course to create, select "continue."

3) Customize and Finalize Course Site

  • Once you have selected the course you would like to set up, customize the course site title!
  • The Site Title is the information that will appear within the tab for the course site.
  • Once done, select “Create Site

You will now be brought to a confirmation screen. From here, you may access your course site to begin adding content, or return to the Setup Course Sites area to create another site.  Your new course site will now appear as a tab, ready for access!

Training Tip #1

The second step to learning about NYU Classes is understanding how to use each tool available within the system and understanding the functionality each tool offers. Within each section, follow the next Training Tip to continue learning about NYU Classes

Additional Support

Need live support?  Contact the IT Service Desk for 24x7x365 assistance.

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