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David Masson, Belles Lettres, and a Victorian Theory of the Novel
Jack M. Downs

Sincerity and Reflexive Satire in Anthony Trollope’s The Struggles of Brown, Jones and Robinson
Matthew Titolo  

The Realism of The Angel in the House: Coventry Patmore’s Poem Reconsidered
Natasha Moore

Spencerian Evolutionary Psychology in Daniel Deronda
Lauren Cameron

Yachting with Grandcourt: Gwendolen’s Mutiny in Daniel Deronda
Kathleen McCormack

Sensationalism Made Read: The Role of Realism in the Production of Sensation Affect
Janice M. Allan

Twilight of the Idylls: Wilde, Tennyson, and Fin-de-Siècle Anti-Idealism
Elizabeth Carolyn Miller

Framing Gertrude: Photographic Narration and the Subjectivity of the Artist-Observer in Levy’s The Romance of a Shop
David Wanczyk

Conrad and the Comic Turn
Douglas Kerr 


Victorians Live
           Herbert Sussman, Editor

  Influences, Imitators, Offshoots, and Other Interlocutors: Punch Re-Rooted: Comedy and the 
     Periodical Press 1820-1850
          Shannon R. Smith

  A Royal Passion: Queen Victoria and Photography
          Richard L. Stein

  Oscar the Opera and the High-Pitched Life
          Gail Turley Houston

  Conversations with Oscar Wilde
          Ann C. Colley

  A Felt Experience: Touching the Book at Birkbeck, London
          Ryan Sweet


New Scholarship on Victorian India
Deborah Denenholz Morse with Virginia Butler

Realist Networks: Recent Work on Victorian Realism
Rebecca Thorndike-Breeze

2008 and All That: Economics and Victorian Literature
Nancy Henry

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