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The UDW+ Registration Pipeline Dashboard allows you to monitor enrollments for the upcoming terms against goals, and compare to the same time in prior years.

Specifically, you can compare:

  • Weekly enrollment trends relative to the term start date for the current term and the same term last year.

  • Registered headcount vs goals, including not registered student headcount types such as: pending registration, maintaining matriculation, leave of absence, de-registered for financial reasons and dropped.

  • Trends for student headcount with housing assigned within the New York campus.

  • Trends for tuition and housing deposits.

  • Financially cleared* statuses between today and same day last year, with ability to drill to student details.

  • Census summary reports for one or more terms at the same time, viewable by School, Degree Level and New/Continuing Type.

  • Registration today and same day last year vs goals, for New/Continuing Type, viewable by School or Degree Level.

*Please note that a report showing a breakdown of financially cleared students who are in campus housing or are off-campus is not included in the UDW+ Registration Pipeline Dashboard, and thus will continue to be distributed by email.

UDW+ Registration Pipeline Quick Start Guide

Data Discrepancy:

During November 24- 29, 2015 SISCAMPUS experienced an issue with updating the Registration Status of students. Therefore, any 'Headcount' reports based on those days, (the '-8th week relative to the start of Spring 2016 classes', and the '12th week relative to the start of Fall 2015 classes') will be incorrect. UDW+ does not change the data that was produced. Data is captured and stored without any tweaking or masking.

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