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  • When a student starts a given career, the entry group attributes are frozen.
  • The business rules for Entry Group are:
    • Based on census date and will therefore not match necessary match student term records in the daily subject areas.
    • It search for the first entry a student had regardless of NC Type Code (It does not filter by NC type code as "New", as some conversion data does not have "New" entries for students)
    • The first row that appears for a student if they change Careers, School groups, or Degree Levels.

    •  We will be creating one entry group row for each student/career combination.

    • We do not have a good way of identifying Dual Degree Program students, so no special logic will be implemented around this.

    • Data starts in 2010

  • The Entry Groups are Defined by the following: 
    • Term
    • School
    • Degree Level
    • New/Continuing Type 

Additional Notes

  • The folder "Entry Group" has been created by adding the SYSADM.RP_D_ENTRY_GRP table as a new dimension into the "SIS - Registration Pipeline" RPD model, joining to the SYSADM.RP_F_REG_PIPELINE_MV table on the STUDENT_SID.
  • The Entry Group dimension being tied to Registration Pipeline only by the Student ID means that if you bring in any Entry Group column, without using a term filter, you will see all entry groups a student has ever been a part of.
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