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Target AudienceRelease Notes
1427DashboardEnhancement/Bug FixesHR Subject Area 3/20/2017HR Dashboard UsersMade updates to HR Admin Dashboard in 11g for OBIEE 12c upgrade. Detail change location:
1385ETLEnhancement/Bug FixesFinance3/20/2017Finance UsersFixed missing encumbrance transaction records for position#1015552
1424ETLEnhancement/Bug FixesFinance3/20/2017Finance UsersFixed encumbrance and pre-encumbrance transaction reversal (cancelled journal lines)


Enhancement/Bug FixesFinance3/20/2017Invalid Costing Allocations and Payroll Suspense UDW+ UsersAdded Supervisory Org to the actual data output of the Payroll Suspense Report
1460DashboardEnhancement/Bug FixesFinance3/20/2017Invalid Costing Allocations and Payroll Suspense UDW+ UsersModified Source of Supervisory Org for consistency with the Payroll Suspense Report's output
1430DashboardEnhancementRegistration Pipeline3/20/2017Registration Pipeline dashboard users.
  • Added Term filter to the Daily Enrollment page.
  •  Removed hidden column from the Comparative Registration (Today) and Comparative Registration (Census Day) dashboard pages.



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