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Table of Contents:

  1. Purpose

  2. Target Audience

  3. Dashboard Pages

  4. Training and Access

  5. Data Security

  6. Support

  7. Additional Resources


1. Purpose – The UDW+ Registration Pipeline dashboard allows users to monitor enrollments for the upcoming terms against goals and compare them to the same time in prior years. Specifically, users can compare:

  • Weekly enrollment trends relative to the term start date for the current term and same term last year.
  • Registered headcount vs. goals, including not registered student headcount types such as pending registration, maintaining matriculation, leave of absence, de-registered for financial reasons, and dropped. 
  • Trends for tuition and housing deposits. 
  • Financially cleared statuses between today and same day last year with the ability to drill to student details. 
  • Census summary reports for one or more terms at the same time, viewable by school, degree level, and new/continuing type. 
  • Registration today and same day last year vs. goals for new/continuing type, viewable by school or degree level. 

2. Target Audience – 

3. Dashboard Pages – 

4. Training and Access – 

5. Data Security – 

6. User Notes – Please note that a report showing a breakdown of financially cleared students who are in campus housing or are off-campus is not included in the UDW+ Registration Pipeline dashboard and thus will continue to be distributed by email. Additionally, note that during November 24-29, 2015 SIS CAMPUS experienced an issue with updating the registration status of students. Therefore, any headcount reports based on those days (the 8th week relative to the start of Spring 2016 classes and the 12th week relative to the start of Fall 2015 classes) will be incorrect. UDW+ does not change the data that was produced. Data is captured and stored without any tweaking or masking. 

6. Support – If there is an issue that you would like to report or you have questions about UDW+, please contact the Decision Support Group by email at or call 212-998-2900 (extension 82900).

7. Additional Resources – Training is recommended for those who are new to UDW+. To schedule a one-on-one training session, contact the Decision Support Group at 212-998-2900 or email The NYU Business Glossary is a living document that contains commonly used NYU business terms for reference.

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