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Table of Contents:

  1. Purpose

  2. Target Audience

  3. Dashboard Pages

  4. Training and Access

  5. Data Security

  6. Support

  7. Additional Resources  

1. Purpose – This dashboard allows users to monitor international enrollments for the current and upcoming terms and compare them to the same time in prior years. Specifically, users can view: 

  • Top 10 source countries graph, which classifies registered international student by citizenship country (excluding those for whom no country is recorded). 
  • Weekly enrollment trends relative to the term start date for the current term and the same term last year. 
  • Registered and not registered international student headcount types, such as pending registration, maintaining matriculation, leave of absence, de-registered for financial reasons, and dropped. 
  • Trends for tuition and housing deposits. 

2. Target Audience – 

3. Dashboard Pages – 

4. Training and Access – 

5. Data Security – 

7. Support – If there is an issue that you would like to report or you have questions about UDW+, please contact the Decision Support Group by email at or call 212-998-2900 (extension 82900).  

8. Additional Resources – Training is recommended for those who are new to UDW+. To schedule a one-on-one training session, contact the Decision Support Group at 212-998-2900 or email The NYU Business Glossary is a living document that contains commonly used NYU business terms for reference.

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