CamelCase is a form of markup used in many wikis where words capitalized and compounded together without spaces LikeThis, are used to create links.

By default, CamelCasing is not enabled in Confluence. However, a [site administrator|Confluence Glossary#site administrators] can turn on CamelCasing from the [Administration Console|Confluence Glossary#admiistration console]. For more information about activating CamelCase Links, see [Enabling CamelCase Linking] in the [Confluence Administrator's Guide].

h2. Linking to a Page in the Same Space

|| What you need to type || What you will get ||
| {nomarkup}CamelCasePage
{nomarkup} | [CamelCasePage] |

'*CamelCasePage*' is the name of the page you want to link to.

h2. Linking to a Page you Intend to Create Later

Confluence allows you to create links first and add add content to pages later. This type of a link is an [undefined link|Managing Undefined Pages] and is indicated with the plus sign. Clicking on the link will bring up a screen where you can add content for the page.
|| What you need to type || What you will get ||
| {nomarkup}NonExistentPage
{nomarkup} | [NonExistentPage] |

'*NonExistentPage*' is the title of the page you intend to create later.

h2. Preventing a CamelCase Word from Becoming a Link

Sometimes you may wish to use a CamelCase word in a page, but do not want it to be drawn as a link. You can accomplish this using the \{nolink} macro:
|| What you need to type || What you will get ||
| {nomarkup}{nolink:SomeWord}
{nomarkup} | SomeWord |
| {nomarkup}{nl:SomeWord}
{nomarkup} | SomeWord |
\{nolink} and \{nl} do the same thing, just use whichever you find more convenient.

The \{nolink} and \{nl} macros are only available in Confluence 2.1.3 or later. In versions of Confluence prior to 2.1.3, there is no way to prevent a CamelCase word from becoming a link short of disabling CamelCase linking across the entire Confluence site.

h2. Notes

* {include:_Note About CamelCase}


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