When viewing a wiki page that displays an attached Office document, you can launch your Office editor directly from Confluence. This allows you to edit a Word document from within Confluence and save it back to Confluence.

This is just one of the ways Confluence can interact with Office documents. For an overview of all Office Connector features, please refer to Working with the Office Connector.

(info) Your System Administrator can enable or disable the Office Connector or parts of it. The Office Connector options can appear in different places on your Confluence page, depending on the themes and configuration of your Confluence site. Please refer to Configuring the Office Connector in the Confluence Administration Guide and discuss any configuration problems with your administrator.

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Prerequisites for Editing an Attached Office Document

Editing an Office Document in your Office Application

To edit an Office document in your Office application,

  1. There are two ways to do this:

    • From an Office document embedded on a page:
      1. Open a Confluence page with an Office document embedded on it.
      2. Move your mouse pointer to the top of the document embedded in the Confluence page, until the hidden title bar appears.

        Screenshot: The title bar showing 'document.doc' above an embedded Office document

      3. Click the title bar above the embedded document.

    • From an Office document in a list of attachments:

  2. A window will pop up, asking you to confirm that you want to open this document.

    Screenshot: Confirmation window in Firefox

    Screenshot: Confirmation window in Internet Explorer

  3. Click 'OK'. Now you may be asked to log in to your Confluence server.

    Screenshot: Logging in to Confluence

  4. Enter your Confluence username and password, then click 'OK'.

  5. The Office document will open in your Office application.

  6. Make the necessary changes, then save the document. It will be saved back into Confluence.


Problems? Please refer to our guide to the Office Connector limitations and known issues.


Working with the Office Connector

Configuring the Office Connector in the Confluence Administration Guide

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