UDW+ Retention Dashboard was designed to provide Office of Institutional Research and the Student Reporting Community with the ability to analyze a cohort (a group of students), who enter NYU at a specific point in time, using different demographic, social, academic (including academic program) and other attributesCohort analysis is used to understand the characteristics of students entering at a specific time as well as for predictive modeling and student success measurements.

Who should use this dashboard?

Office of Institutional Research /  Student Reporting Community

Data Note

The IPEDS rates, in the dashboard, may differ from OIR counts by less than 10 students on any given year.

This is because the original requirements for the Retention Model required the following:
1) Only capture information for students that were ever a part of any 'New', or 'Continuing' type.
2) Academic Load requires a calculation that is based on the number of units attempted. (Full Time: >=12 units)


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